One Year of Blogging!

Hands typingWhen I logged onto my account late last night I received a notification that yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my time on WordPress.  I started the blog just before the new year after my revelation that I was a dateoholic… not something easy to admit!  At that point had a streak of nearly eight straight years of not going longer than two weeks without dating or being in a relationship.  At the time I was in a relationship with “Samantha” which was coming to an end because she was moving out West for a new job she just accepted.  That event was significant in me realizing I had a “dating problem.”  When I started dating her in November I didn’t take it that serious and was still seeing several people, but when I found out she was leaving and knew there would be a mutual break-up was in the near future I figured I would spend the remaining time she had in the area with her since she was a lot more fun than the other girls I was seeing at the time.  In those last few weeks I really began to enjoy her company a lot more, but it also became clear to me that there was no way I could see myself in a life-long relationship with her.  So why was I dating a girl halfheartedly even after she proved she were more fun than other girls I was meeting at the time?  Why did I continue to date a girl after I didn’t see we really had a future together?  Obviously I needed a change!

Shortly after the new year Samantha moved away and I had my sights set on the ex-girlfriend that I had never forgotten about.  After finding out she was single I got back in touch with her and we met up shortly after that.  At the time it appeared that the stars were finally aligning, but suddenly the communication began breaking down and her interest didn’t seem to be there.  After that situation didn’t work out I was looking forward to a clean slate and breaking that long long dating streak!  However, just a week later I met a really fun, really cute girl that I just couldn’t pass on getting to know a little better.  Ten months later I’m so glad I made that decision as Gaby ended up being a wonderful woman and I couldn’t imagine anyone making me more happy.

Just want to take the time to thank all of my friends who encouraged me to start this blog as well as everyone else out there who has chosen to follow along.  Even though my relationship with Gaby certainly reduced the amount of crazy encounters, I still have plenty of stories past and revelations to share.  Stay tuned!

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