Move In Time!


In this post, I’ll do something I rarely do… cut to the chase!  Three weeks ago Gaby and I woke up one morning and started talking about her moving in with me.  Within just a few minutes we decided that we should do it.  Gaby contacted her roommate later that morning and told her that she would still pay October rent, but be moved out by the end of the month.  Her roommate was fine with it since her boyfriend just moved into their place two months earlier.

So, what lead up to Gaby moving in with me?  Well, if you’ve been reading from the time I met her, you know that overall things have been going very well ever since the start.  While many of my past relationships seemed to be a challenge, nearly everything about our relationship has come easy.  By this summer she was staying over at my place nearly every night, probably 5-6 nights a week.  Already then I was considering a move in as a possibility, but I still had issues of concern that I wrote about in Pushing Away.  At that time I mentioned that there was an immediate improvement in our relationship, but from past experience I’ve learned that sometimes that doesn’t last.  Well I’m pleased to say that things have been going great ever since!  Additionally, Gaby went from staying at my place most nights, to every night…  In fact, in the month leading up to us deciding for the move-in, she didn’t stayed at her apartment one night!

So right now my place is a mess.  My hallway is full of crates of Gaby’s stuff that need to go into my storage room, which happens to be a room I haven’t cleaned out in the nine years I have lived here!  Slowly I make progress, but in the meantime my hallways continue to fill up, and Gaby just wants a place to put them.  Sadly, we haven’t even had a chance to get her bigger items yet, so it’s probably going to get even worse!  Anyway, once the move in is complete it will be fine, but right now the transition is pretty crazy.  This is a big part of the reason I haven’t written in a while.

In all my years of dating, including three relationships that lasted two or more years, I’ve never had a girlfriend move in before.  So this is uncharted territory for me.  Furthermore, I haven’t even had a roommate in 12 years, so I’m worried I’ve become impossible to live with!  If you have any advice on moving in or living together with a significant other I would love to hear it!  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Move In Time!

  1. Put the toilet seat down, don’t leave the top off the toothpaste, put your underpants in the laundry basket, remember she is always right, learn to know when her period is due and keep a low profile for a few days, oh and tell her she looks beautiful every single day 😉 Many congratulations and wishing you lots of good luck and happiness x

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