Why You Keep Getting Fucked Over (Part One)

Seeing as many of my readers are women looking for insight on how a guy thinks, I wanted to share this post I came across. Having been a guy with both good intentions and bad in my dating career, I can say that Brittany’s advice on weeding out “douche bags” is pretty spot on. Keep in mind that even with this good advice there is no surefire way to detect all bad guys. Enjoy, and be sure to read her follow up posts as well!

You Luv It

Are you getting heart broken left and right? Do men keep acting like their interested in you and then run the other direction after several months? You just can’t figure out why, and you’re wondering what you keep doing wrong. Maybe it’s him, maybe it’s you, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m sure your mom or your friends tell you whatever you need to hear to feel better about yourself…but if you want the truth continue to read. But beware, it might make you cry. If you don’t want someone to be brutally honest with you then don’t read this post. Continue living in your bubble world and continue meeting douche bags that will continue to fuck you over.

The reason you continue to meet assholes…is because you’re attracting them. You attract them by being desperate. And if you don’t think you’re giving off a desperate vibe, take…

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