Six Months

flowersToday marks six months since the day I met my girlfriend, Gaby.  She woke this morning to a card, her favorite flowers (see photo), and kisses from me.  This afternoon she left for work so I thought I would take a moment to go back and read Another Typical Night for Dax, which was the post I wrote right after we met.  As I look back, I find it even more incredible that things have worked out the way they have.  At the time I was just coming off the disappointment of not being able to rekindle and old flame, and for the first time in my adult life was determined NOT to be in a relationship…  at least a couple months.  Then a crazy night happened randomly (as they usually do) and at the end of the night Gaby was simply “Girl #2” because she was the second girl I got a number from that night.  I didn’t think too much off it at the time and certainly didn’t think anything serious would result.

Now take a look at that night from her point of view.  (Note: I feel I’m allowed to talk on her behalf because we share our feelings open and honestly.)  She too had just come off a disappointment of not being able to rekindle a relationship from her past.  She was out with friends and just planning on having fun, which I’m pretty sure includes flirting with guys, but not taking it all that seriously.  She actually didn’t plan on approaching me at all.  Remember my friend I was out with that night?  Well, apparently he looks like this guy that came into Gaby’s office every week at her previous place of employment who she had a big crush on.  Since the location of that job is over two hours away, she knew it wasn’t her old crush, but she walked over to us with the intent of talking to my friend!  At the last second she got too nervous and her bailout was talking to me in the hopes of later building up more courage.  With perhaps a combination of my charm, along with the amount of alcohol she had consumed prior to our conversation (from conversations I would say the latter was a stronger contributing factor) she forgot about my friend and continued her flirtation with me.  (Note #2: although Gaby and I have always been open with each other, I would encourage others NOT to tell the full story of something like this until you are feeling pretty solid about your relationship with someone.  Gaby didn’t tell me of the full details of this night through her perspective until at least a month later.  I was disappointed for a day, but now it is something we laugh about.)

When I look back at the night we met, from both of our perspectives, this really didn’t have a great chance of working out.  I’m so glad it did though.  With each week it gets harder and harder to picture my life without her 🙂

Before anyone out there thinks my head is still in the clouds, I will say (as I’ve said before) that not everyday is perfect and amazing.  We still have misunderstandings from time to time, but as the months go on, I find us getting more and more on the same page and they are gradually those trying moments are becoming fewer and farther apart.  In fact, just this past weekend Gaby and I had our biggest argument to date.  Thanks to the advice of my good friend Scarlet, we were able to come to a better understanding and made up quickly.  In the end, it lead us to having a great week, with today being the exclamation point!  We needed that, as now I’m leaving out of the country on a trip I started planning before Gaby and I had met.  I’ll be away from her (and likely the blogging world) for nearly three weeks.  I will look forward to catching up everyone’s posts when I return!  I should have some new reads to contribute at that time as well.

Take care!

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