Eyes on the Prize

EyeEyes on the Prize is something I referenced in my most popular post to date, “Three Second Rule.”  To summarize, the Three Second Rule basically states that if a girl makes eye contact with a guy in a social setting for three seconds, she has given him an invitation to go up and start a conversation.  If you recall,  I also stated that women typically have much better control over their eye contact in social situations than guys.  This is where Eyes on the Prize is the key for a guy to improve his chances of meeting an available lady when out and about.

Guys, the first thing we need to do is admit that we have a problem.  Men are visual creatures, which I’m sure served us well many years ago in caveman times, and perhaps today in certain aspects of life, however, when we are out at a bar or party it is a major crutch.  Out of instinct, anytime an attractive young women walks by our natural instinct takes over and we look.  Unfortunately, the only thing that seems breaks the stare is an even more scantily clad female that walks by!  Need proof?  I have a homework assignment for all men out there: Next time you are out at a bar with lots of people, instead of paying attention to the women, look around to see what they other guys doing.  Watch and see how many guys keep glancing over at the girl with the short skirt and/or showing lots of cleavage.  Notice how many of them will blatantly stare at any attractive girl within viewing distance, even sometimes getting the attention of their buddies who are still looking at the attractive girl from five seconds ago.  See how many will look like their head is on a swivel as if they are trying to break the Guinness World Record for viewing most female body parts in a single evening!  After competing your assignment, think of how stupid all those guys look to the average single lady out there who is open to the possibility of meeting a guy at the bar, but certainly not looking for it.  Doesn’t exactly make the best first impression, right?  Now earlier I mentioned that women have much better control over eye contact in social situations than guys.  This is why you rarely see groups of women staring at guys, however, this doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention!  Guys are often dumbfounded when they approach a girl and get turned down so quickly.  Perhaps she is unavailable or simply not interested, but most guys don’t consider the fact that they already eliminated whatever chance they had  because they were gawking at every provocatively dressed female before they started the conversation!

So if you are a single guy and are going out for the night in hopes of meeting a single lady by the end of the night, remember the following:
1. Female bartenders/servers are showing cleavage so they can get better tips.  Get your drink and move along.
2. See those two girls on the dance floor grinding and/or making out with each other?  Chuckle and never look back.  Those two are either going home with each other or back to their boyfriends who aren’t out that night.  If you want to be entertained, watch everyone’s reaction to them.
3. If you see an attractive girl and feel your head starting to turn, resist the urge and be more subtle about checking out members of the opposite sex like all of the women surrounding you are doing!

Remember, at every crowded bar there is at least one cute/fun girl who is single and open to meeting a guy there under the right circumstances.  Keeping your eyes on the prize will give you a significant advantage of finding and appealing to her over the typical guy who is busy recovering from the whiplash of looking at every female he sees!

8 thoughts on “Eyes on the Prize

  1. 3 seconds… good advice… I’m always afraid that if I give a guy that I could be interested in, a serious look, I’ll appear stalkerish and all kinds of crazy… such a fine line…

  2. So true about a woman who makes three seconds of eye contact (any more might verge on the creeper option). I need to try to do that to a guy I’m interested next time I’m out. Great blog and well written!

  3. I think the three second rule sounds pretty right, I don’t think too many ladies are going to make eye contact with someone they are hoping doesn’t approach. So true with the gawking as well, we all like to look but a bit of subtlety doesn’t hurt.

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