Dax is Back!

TieWell, hard to believe it has been about two and a half months since I last posted!  I feel bad for neglecting those who enjoy reading my posts, and additionally am feeling lost in trying to get caught up from those I follow!  A couple of my friends asked me if I stopped posting because of my relationship with Gaby who I last spoke about in Where Am I?  The main reason I haven’t been posting is because spring is my busiest time of the year, however, it wouldn’t be truthful of me to say she wasn’t a factor.  Let me explain… In most relationships, I find myself as the person longing to spend more time with my significant other, so when I get busy things are still peachy.  With Gaby, I have found that typically she is the person longing to spend more time with me.  I’m not used to this, but I know how much it sucks to want to spend time with someone and to have them not find it, so I try to do my best to make her happy.  As a result, I pretty much dedicated all available free time (and sometimes sleep time) to be with her.   Absolutely no regrets on that time spent, as it turned out it was definitely worth it!

Now it has been four and a half months since Gaby and I met, and in that time she has transformed from the cute, fun, flirty girl I met at a bar to the most amazing, caring, thoughtful girl I’ve ever met (although I have to admit, she’s still pretty damn cute, fun, and flirty).  We’ve had occasional rough spots on the way, and because I’m a perfectionist I’m always working/wanting those parts of our relationship to improve, but the vast majority of the time I couldn’t imagine anyone making me more happy than Gaby does on a daily basis.  Since I’ve last written, I’ve met many of her friends, she has met many of mine, I’ve met her mom and one of her sisters, and she’s attended a family wedding where she met a large portion of my extended family.  We both have a strong appreciation fun times and adventures, so every week is a new experience and I find myself always looking forward to what is next!

So now spring time is over and summer is upon us, so I’ll have more time to write again.  I look forward to continuing to share my experiences (past and present) with all of you that choose to follow, and I am more hopeful that ever to a happy ending.  Thanks for reading!

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