EX-Factor Timeline

BlankTimeline1Well, I’ve been told by a few different readers that it is often confusing when discussing my past relationships because of the fact that some of them I dated pop back into the story line a second time (or sometimes more).  The timing of when I met or revisited a relationship is critical to understanding the full story of how I became a dateoholic and ended up where I am today.  In nearly every instance, each relationship I had was directly impacted by the one that came before it, and in some cases was impacted by a relationship that came much earlier.

Note: I didn’t list EVERY relationship I’ve ever been in, but I did list any that were significant to the overall story.  Eventually my plan is to gradually share each of these stories.  As always, each name has been changed to protect the identity of each significant other.

For those of you who recently started following (or were confused with the timing the first time you read) I would encourage you to revisit the stories of Whitney and Heather, who dominated my dating history from my early to mid 20’s (and Heather was talked about in most of my recent happenings in January as well).  But of course you should first take a look at the timeline link:

Hope the visual helps you follow the story!


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