Where am I?

directionI’m going to have to apologize for my long break since my last post.  I can’t believe I’ve been away for three weeks!  A couple of my friends assumed that now that I’m in a relationship I won’t be doing any more posts.  This is not the case.  Spring just happens to be the busiest time of the year for me, so between work and spending time with Gaby, I have had virtually no free time to write anything.  Fortunately for me I have a little pocket of free time today, so I can finally fill everyone in.

When I wrote Knock on Wood, I commented on how happy I was that things were off to a great start with Gaby.  It was such a unique start to a relationship because we were both on the same page, genuinely wanting to spend time with each other, and very open about our thoughts and feelings on each other and our relationship.  This was such a breath of fresh air from all the times where I felt I had to push to get the time with a significant other that I wanted, or couldn’t tell the person I was with what I actually thought because I was afraid of what their reaction would be.  And obviously it was a far cry from all the times that I had several back-up dates, or kept going out to meet other girls in attempt to keep my options open!  So it is with great pleasure I can report that our last few weeks together have been just as good as the first few weeks.  Hard to believe that next week we hit the two month mark already!

So, here are a few more details.  Not everything has been unicorns and rainbows.  We have had a couple of disagreements/misunderstandings, but Gaby is very quick to forgive and gets over things quite quickly.  I am not at all used to this, so sometimes I feel like I’m dating someone from another planet!  One time after we had a moment like this, I spent most of the next day thinking of what things to say in a conversation with her to resolve the situation.  When we finally had the chance to talk, I started in the way I had planned out, but she cut me off in the first 15 seconds to say, “It’s ok, I know you care about me and wouldn’t do that on purpose.  I could see that you felt bad about hurting my feelings and I know you’ll try harder not to do that again.  Can we go back to snuggling again now?”  Seriously, I’m not kidding!  I’ve dated lots of people in my lifetime and I can say I’ve never experienced it before.  Although it seems surreal to me, it’s gotten me to let go of hurt feelings more quickly as well, which even further increases our moments of happiness together.  In fact, we are so often enjoying each others company that Gaby will say, “Where am I?”  I’ll say something along the lines of, “Right here with me.”  She’ll respond, “Ok, good!”  Her next most asked question is, “How did I get here?”  To which I have a variety of answers.  It’s one of the fun games we do with each other.

I told Gaby that I love her.  That should be no surprise.  I knew I was falling for her after just our second date and there was nothing to stop that momentum.  If anything her natural charm, flirtatious nature, and seductive powers made it happen more quickly!  I’ve certainly met my match with her.  I’m very confident her ability to get allure men in social situations exceeds my ability to read women’s signals at bars and approach them.  I’ve told her that she should write a book for women on how to attract men, and she says she has been told that before… and usually by guys she’s dated, so we both find that coincidence pretty funny.  Anyway, if she starts a blog on the subject, I’ll be sure to pass it along.  Coincidentally, Gaby’s good work friend just started a relationship blog which she occasionally shares with me.  Little does she know that I am doing this as well.  It’s probably the only remaining secret I have left.  In terms of things I plan to write about Gaby is several months of posts ahead of my readers since we’ve discussed just about everything I’ve posted so far as well as topics I still plan to put up for quite some time.  It’s easy to be open and honest with her because she is the same with me.  She understands where I’m coming from because she too is a dateoholic (confirming my earlier suspicion).  Due to her youthfulness, she certainly isn’t as far along into her addiction as I am into mine.  I don’t think she even realized of her own dating habits until I asked her when was the last time she went over two weeks without dating or being in a relationship.  She admitted that she couldn’t remember… and additionally didn’t seem to get rattled when I admitted it would be eight years for me this summer.  Hopefully we end up being the cure for each other!

In completely other news, my ex-girlfriend Heather (who I last wrote about in 150 Miles for a Dinner Date) just updated her Facebook status to “in a relationship” just a few days ago.  Heather and I still message occasionally, so I sent her a note asking her about her Easter plans and congratulating her on her new relationship.  She was pleased to hear from me and filled me in briefly.  Apparently it’s a pretty recent happening, but going very well.  He has a very similar career to what Heather and I do, and is also really into coaching.  From his profile pic it appears he is similar build and facial structure to myself as well.  Normally, all of this would really rattle my cage, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  I’m glad I got back in touch with Heather, but when the opportunity for a relationship was there for us, it didn’t happen.  Additionally, that whole situation kept me from going out to bars and falling into my usual routine until the night Gaby and I had our chance meeting.  So if anything I’m feeling grateful of our recent experience.  Also, I don’t have that constant “I wonder if…” thoughts going on about her anymore for the first time in many years, so that is a big weight off my shoulders as well.

Consider yourself updated.  I will try not to make readers wait so long for an update next time.  As always, thanks for following!

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