Inspiring Blogger Award

Just a couple days ago I finally got caught up on an award I was nominated for over two weeks ago.  About a week later that, New Single Guy and emarie24 graciously nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award!  I’ve said this before, but my favorite part of getting an award is spreading the word about other blogs that I enjoy reading when I get the chance.

Just like the last award, this one also has rules. They are:
1. Display the logo of the award.
2. Link to who nominated me.
3. Say seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate a whopping fifteen other bloggers!
5. And in doing said nomination, link over to them (preferably to a specific post for a trackback).

In my seven pieces of information about myself, I am including info I didn’t give in my last nomination.  Here they are:
1. My eyes are hazel, but they look blue, green, or brown based on the light.
2. I can get by on almost no sleep, but only for a few days at a time.
3. My immune system is quite good.  I rarely get sick.
4. I can handle myself in any social situation, with just about any group of people.
5. It takes a lot for me to be embarrassed.  Perhaps I have no shame!
6. I started doing triathlons for fun this past summer.
7. I try to learn how to do at least one new thing every year.  This year is supposed to be cooking… not off to such a good start with that one!

Now onto my 15 nominees.  If I nominated you for the last award, but not this one, it is because I noticed you had already been nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award by someone else.
Once again I’ve broken my nominees into two categories and they are listed in the order that I started following their blog.

Advice and Insights on Relationships:
Stereotypical Man
Secret Crushes
Love & Handicapping
Singlettes- Self Esteem and Dating Advice for Single Ladies
Desert Life and The Art of Dating

Dating Story tellers:
Dirty Thirty
Modern Ideals
Where Art Thou
Mr. Single Bells
Life Overrated
Finding Mr. Wrong…I Mean Mr. Right
Love and Games
Secret Vulnerability
Perpetual Prude

Ok, all caught up now.  Congrats to all my nominees!  Keep the posts coming- I enjoy your reads!


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