Love The One You’re With

With today being Valentines Day, I wanted to do another reflection post.  Those who follow my stories know that I currently have a lengthy streak of dating and being in relationships, but that was not always the case.  For many years in my early adulthood, I struggled to find a dating partner that was willing to return my affection.  During that time, I found it equally frustrating that people I knew were taking their relationships for granted.  Years later I can say I’ve been on both sides of that situation.  With a new Valentine’s Day presenting itself, I felt today would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts in this area.


For all of you out there who are lucky enough to be in a long-term relationship with a person you love and that loves you back, make sure you do something especially thoughtful for them today.  If you’ve had a bad experience with Valentine’s Day in the past, it’s likely not your partner’s fault, so don’t take it out on them!  If you feel like today is just a “Hallmark holiday,” then break from the traditional card, flowers, and chocolates and do something outside the box.  Planning an activity that is thoughtful and unique will be more memorable anyway!  If it’s too late for you to do something because you didn’t make a plan, then surprise your significant other in the next week with something you wished you would’ve done.  Better yet, keep the surprises rolling every once in a while when your partner least expects it all year round!

If you are single this Valentine’s day, don’t stress out!  Do something for yourself today and remember that there are a lot of other people out there that appreciate you for who you are.  At some point, you’ll find a significant other that feels the same way as those close to you now.  The hell with the ones that missed out on their chance with you!  There’s someone else out there that will be a much better fit anyway.  Meanwhile, take the time to reinvent yourself.  Start up a hobby you’ve always been interested in, or get involved in an activity that you used to do, but stopped when life got busy.  When someone is glowing from the fun they are having, they are likely to have more opportunities to meet a potential date who is worthwhile if/when they are open to doing so.

If you are in a new relationship this Valentine’s day, hopefully you are already have something thoughtful planned for your date.  If you are holding back, try to figure out why that is happening.  If you are still at that stage where you aren’t sure if you and that person have the same feelings for each other, hopefully you find out soon.  If you’re just not that interested, then maybe you should end it… but not today.  Breaking things off with someone on Valentine’s day is a crappy thing to do, and likely bad karma!  However, if you are fortunate enough to be in a new relationship this Valentine’s Day with someone that you care about and they care for you, never forget the feelings you have in times like this when you are together.  As the years go by and a routine takes hold of you, remember back to moments like today when you would do anything to make that person smile a few seconds longer, or laugh a little harder.  Try to re-create those moments every once in a while so the person that you’re with doesn’t forget them either!

No matter what you’re plans are for today… whether it’s your significant other, yourself, or a date (or anyone else for that matter), love the one you’re with!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


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