Not-So-Typical Second Date

dancing on bar
This is a follow-up post to Date #1 with Girl #2 where Gaby and I had a great first date and planned to meet up this weekend for her friend/co-worker’s birthday.  The birthday party was taking place at the restaurant where she works and was starting right as Gaby and her co-workers where ending their shift.  Since I live only a few minutes away from the location, I was able to make it over there in just a few minutes after getting Gaby’s text that her shift was over for the night.

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gaby was looking quite fashionable, and once again in a very short skirt.  Within the first minute of meeting with her co-workers, she and I were teased by at least four of them asking all kinds of ridiculous and embarrassing questions.  Personally, I would be mortified if my friends did that to someone I was dating the first time they met, but I took it in stride and she did as well.  I learned that there were going to be male strippers for her friends birthday, so I made sure to hand Gaby a couple singles as we were escorted to a separate room.  At this point I knew this was NOT going to be a typical second date!  She made me sit right next to her so she wouldn’t be accessible to be pulled up in front.  I tried to move away, but she pulled me down close to her.  The show was quite ridiculous, as I’m sure all male strip shows are from what I hear from my female friends.  I spent most of the time watching Gaby’s facial reactions to what was happening to her friends that were getting pulled up front.  Additionally, I kept encouraging her to “tip” the strippers when they walked by which she eventually did.  It was pretty funny!  Anyway, towards the end of the show I left the room as it appeared her friends where taking group shots with the strippers and I didn’t think Gaby would do it with me there.  Later she showed me the picture and she was right in the center with her hands on one of the guys abs.  I told her she could touch me like that later if she liked and she blushed.  We went back with the rest of the group and had another drink or two.  Just as we were getting ready to leave to another bar a Ke$ha song came on and Gaby and one of her friends got up on the bar and started dancing.  Apparently, this is something they do when this song comes on near the end of a night.  Gaby was looking great and had a lot of energy, so I certainly enjoyed the show!  After the song ended they got down and we drove to the next spot.

The next bar we went to was only about about a block from where I live, so I parked at my home and Gaby, her friend, and I walked over.  We had another couple drinks with some of the people that were at the birthday party earlier, as well as some other friends of theirs.  Things started getting a little crazy at the end of the night and some of her friends were flirting and/or kissing some of the guys that were there.  She filled me in that some of the stories behind what was going on.  Basically, all of her friends that were still out with us were single or dating people where there had been no “talk” yet, so no committed relationships.  Gaby wanted to make sure all of them had rides home, but the friend that came with us did not.  Gaby was pretty adamant about not letting her friend go home with the guy that she had been talking with, so she asked if she could stay in my guest room and I agreed.  We walked back to my place, chatted for a while while sipping water.  Gaby’s friend eventually went back to the guest room and went to bed.  At that point I asked Gaby if she wanted to stay in my room for the night and she agreed, asking if I had some pajamas that she could wear.  I grabbed a t-shirt which was huge on her tiny 5 foot 1 inch frame.  When we got into bed I started kissing her, but after a minute she said that she was pretty tired.  I teased her a bit about showing her age (event though she is far younger than me) and then I snuggled with her.  Neither of us was really sleeping though.  Every once in a while we would talk for a little while and try going back to sleep.  Eventually we gave up and started kissing again, and yes, clothing was removed and we were intimate.  However, I want to be clear that we did not have sex!  My reasons for this were: 1. I feel it’s too early 2. She was drunk 3. I’m really liking Gaby, and I think we’ll have plenty more opportunities for that in the future.  We did have a good time and I rather enjoyed her playful nature in the sheets.

The next morning we talked while snuggling.  Eventually I asked Gaby if she was dating anyone else.  After the night before with her friends, I was a little nervous that maybe she was in the same situation as some of them.  I wanted to ask the night before, but I didn’t want to have this conversation while she was still intoxicated.  Thankfully she responded back that she wasn’t seeing anyone other than me.  I told her that I thought we had a really good thing going and I didn’t want to complicate anything by bringing anyone else into the picture.  She agreed!  Also, I was pleased with myself for making a commitment since that is not something I have been really good with in the past.  That is progress, right?!  Anyway, it wasn’t long before Gaby was giving me a hard time, reminding me that she thought I was wanting not to date anyone for a couple months and that I shouldn’t date anyone under 25 again.  I laughed, and told her that she was just too charming and broke me down.  I asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of the day with me and she agreed to as well.  First we had to get up and get her friend back to her car.  Gaby knocked on the guest room door and woke up her friend.  After chatting for a while I took both of them back to their cars at the restaurant, then Gaby followed me back to my place.

The rest of our day comprised of me making pancakes from scratch, then us laying in bed the rest of the day.  During that time we kissed, shared more intimate moments, and talked about anything that was came to mind at the time.  Everything came very naturally.  Its been a long time since I’ve felt this at ease being with someone and feeling as if I can be open with them and I was rather enjoying it.  Eventually she had to leave, but not before making plans for two nights later in the week and her asking me to join her at a concert two weeks away.  I’m feeling really good about where things are at and excited to see where things go!  Wish me luck!


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