Date #1 with Girl #2

This is a follow-up post to Another Typical Night for Dax… where I proved that I am still currently unable to go more than a couple weeks without a date.  Still, I don’t see it as a complete setback quite yet.  As I explained in Time-Out, I feel like I have a refreshed attitude towards dating and I feel I’m making progress even though some of the people close to me aren’t as sure.

So here’s the latest update…
Saturday morning I woke to see that I had already received a text from girl #2 (this is the one that I kissed several times at the end of the evening, we’ll call her “Gaby”).  She apologized, said perhaps she wasn’t in the best state, and hoped she hadn’t made a fool of herself.  I told her not to feel bad and that I thought the kisses were quite memorable.  She responded back by giving me a hard time about making her break her rules.  We then texted back and forth dozens of times over the next couple hours, very flirtatious.  I told her that we should get together, but she should pick the activity because I didn’t want to break anymore rules.  Gaby responded back with “I don’t have any other rules,” but in time admitted she had a few more.  Of course I teased her about her “many” rules, and she enjoyed it and teased back more.  She told me she was free Wednesday night, which happens to be a night that our local comedy club has an open mic event that is usually quite entertaining.  I asked her to meet me there and she accepted.  Later that afternoon I texted girl #1 from Friday night who bought me a shot from across the bar that turned into a fun and flirty conversation.  She never texted back.  I thought that was pretty strange based off how well the conversation was going, but oh well… I’ve had far worse happen to me in dating adventures.  I wasn’t upset about it.

Wednesday night we agree to meet at the comedy club instead of me picking her up from the opposite side of town.  We met in the lobby, exchanged smiles and entered.  There was a special event going on that night that I was unaware of, so it was more crowded than usual.  Fortunately, I spotted a booth with a small table and we snagged it.  Gaby took off her coat and revealed a very colorful (and very short) dress.  She’s a self-proclaimed fashionista, and she certainly proved it!  She looked great and was fully accessorized.  Because of the special event, there was a higher expectation of the audience giving their full attention, so we weren’t able to talk as freely as I would’ve liked.  We had very random conversations between acts and here’s what I learned:
1. Gaby is the youngest of 5 siblings.  Her oldest sibling is a little older than me.
2. She snorts when laughing, but only if it is something really funny- very cute!
3. She Google searched me! This came up randomly, and she reluctantly informed me that she did indeed look me up after our first text message conversation, just to make sure I wasn’t a serial killer.  Due to both my career and events that I’ve been involved in the last year, I was easy to find and there are plenty of good and interesting things about me online.  This intrigued her more.  I admitted to trying to find her on Facebook, but even with her full name couldn’t find her.  She said she couldn’t find me on Facebook either even though she randomly learned…
4. We have a mutual friend.  I got introduced to a new circle of friends in the city last year and one of my acquaintances from this group is one of her classmates.
5. This is her second round at school.  She graduated in marketing from a state college very similar to the one I went to.  She had a job for one year and was paid very little to do it and quit.  She decided her passions are with art/fashion and chose to move to the area this past summer to study graphic design at the local community college.  She will finish the program next spring.
6. Although she goes to school full time, she also is a waitress about 30-40 hours a week.  The restaurant she works is in my town (only two miles away from my place).  I found this unusual because her place is on the opposite side of town.  Needless to say, she has a very full schedule!
7. She has a history of dating older guys.  Her last three boyfriends were all 7-10 years older than her.  Honestly this kind of relieves me a bit.  She’s used to dating a guy my age, so she kinda knows what to expect.  I asked her if she was curious as to my age and she said not really, but assumed about 10.  That’s pretty damn close… must have come up on the Google search!  She is 23 by the way, but I knew this from the night we met.
8. I was looking for some similar interests.  She was a distance runner in high school, but doesn’t do it often now due to knee problems.  She has cross country skied (something I’d like to try), but hasn’t done it recently even though she’d like to get back into it.  She’s interested in trying downhill skiing, but has never tried.  She likes to dance, so hopefully we’ll get to do that sometime soon!

Since “rules” is a big part of our conversation and flirtation, I told Gaby I didn’t really have any set rules in dating because it often depends on the situation.  However, I did admit that I had planned to take a break from dating for a couple months, and when I came back from that I had hoped to avoid dating anyone under the age of 25 again.  She took it as a compliment.  Gaby was glad to know that she was breaking me down from my potential “rules” as well.  As the night went on the flirtation increased.  Honestly, I think she is quite professional about it… she could probably teach lessons to other girls on how to do it!  She knows when to touch me and when to tease.  As the night went on we got quite snugly in that booth.  No kissing though- I wasn’t going to make her break her rule two straight times!

Needless to say we planned to meet again.  She doesn’t have much availability, so we agreed to meet at her co-worker/friend’s birthday party Saturday night.  I walked Gaby to her vehicle and we kissed goodnight… for quite a while.  I have to admit that if it wasn’t so cold out I would’ve kept going.  I don’t think she would’ve protested.

Anyone who has been following knows I’m an over-analyzer, so certainly there have been moments and I’m not going to get into any of them at this point.  Overall I’m doing a good job of taking it one date at a time and keep things in perspective.  I like her, and she like me, and we’re not afraid to show each other that.  Shouldn’t it always be that simple?!  I’m looking forward to seeing her again this weekend and I’m going to just leave it at that.  I’ll keep you posted.


5 thoughts on “Date #1 with Girl #2

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  2. This sounds promising! Easy flirtation is always a good sign. She doesn’t have “daddy” issues does she – be on the lookout since she tends to date older. And at her age the age difference can be more significant.

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