Another Typical Night For Dax…

drinks on barWhen I originally started this blog, this is how I imagined a typical post would go, so I hope you enjoy…

Last night didn’t really have a plan to go out.  I had dinner with an old high school friend and went home thinking I might just go to bed early.  I texted a friend/co-worker who I go out with from time to time to see what he was up to for the weekend.  He responded back that he was free to meet up if I wanted to.  I told him it might be fun to head downtown for a little while, but I didn’t feel like staying out late.  He thought that sounded good and we planned to meet in an hour.  I actually fell asleep on my couch and happened to wake up just in time to see that he texted me that he was ready to meet up.  I fixed my “bed head” and texted back that I would swing by his place in ten minutes so we could drive down together.  I didn’t feel the need to do any more preparation than that because I promised myself that if things didn’t work out with Heather I wasn’t going to get involved with anyone for a while, so I wasn’t going to put in any effort.  Currently, I have a seven and a half year streak in which I haven’t gone longer than two weeks without a date or being in a relationship and I was feeling the desperate urge to break the trend!

As I drove over to my friend’s place, I decided that I would be a good wing-man for him this night since I always seem to meet girls when we are out and he has been single for about a year.  I’ve never quite understood why this happens.  He’s a good looking guy, and seems to meet girls when he’s out with other friends, but for some reason when we are out he ends up with a non-eventful night and I end up with a great story.  I got to his place and he drove both of us downtown, but during the ride I found out that he too had gotten back in touch with his ex-girlfriend and it appeared they were going to get back together.  At this point I knew I wouldn’t be acting as his wing-man anymore, but I thought it would still be good to have a few drinks and catch up since we haven’t been out it a while.

We got to one of our usual locations and it was pretty quiet for a Friday night.  We were able to sit down right at the bar and order drinks immediately after our glasses were empty.  There were certainly more bartenders than customers!  We talked about a variety of random things and were having a good time.  Even though it was quiet, we noticed a few different groups of attractive girls and we debated over who was the best looking in each of the groups, even though we both had no intentions of going over and talking to any of them.  After all, my friend was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, and I was on a mission to stay single for at least a couple months.

A drink or two later, the bartender comes over to me with a shot (I think it was a dirty girl scout) and told me that the girl with the dark hair across the bar ordered it for me.  Now if you’ve read my previous posts you know I have a MAJOR weakness for a girl that is aggressive.  In addition, I’ve never had a girl order me a drink from across the bar, so that was quite a turn-on for me.  I couldn’t stop myself… I went over to talk to her.  My friend’s last words to me were, “Good luck with breaking your streak!”  I talked to girl #1 for about a half hour (I say girl #1 because in the typical night of Dax you know there will be a girl #2).  During this time I found out that girl #1 was in her mid-20’s, and has worked in her family’s salon in the city for several years.  In addition, she recently went back to school for clinical psychology, but really she wants to be a writer.  Her undergrad was in psychology and she didn’t have interest in continuing onto higher education at the time, but decided now was the time to finish what she started.  She had two visible tattoos and I asked her about them.  She told me about those as well as her other seven that I couldn’t see, all of which are small and in discrete locations.  She was cute, petite, fun, personable, and I enjoyed talking to her.  A couple of her friends that were dancing appeared to be waiting for her, so I asked for her number and she asked me to text her so she had mine.  I went back over to my friend where he gave me a hard time for quite some time, and reminded me of why he hated going out with me.  I mentioned to him that I would gladly switch spots with him and that he could be the one getting a girl’s number and I could be the one who’s ex-girlfriend wanted to get back together and that seemed to ease any jealously he was having.

We had another drink and things were starting to pick up, so I decided to see if girl #1 was on the dance floor.  A couple of her friends were still there, but she was not.  I asked one of them if she had left and they said yes.  My friend and I decided to head back to the bar area and we chatted for a while.  Not long afterward girl #2 approaches (see, I told you that there’s always more than one!)  She was cute and a little more tipsy than girl #1.  I had seen her earlier in the night across the bar, but never made eye contact and I didn’t plan on initiating a conversation with her.  Before I knew it we were talking and she was staring into my eyes.  I turned to my friend and told him to go dancing for a while because this girl wanted to kiss me.  He walked away shaking his head.  Girl #2 constantly leaned in and touched my arm and back, and when I began to return the favor she escalated to talking right next to my ear making sure that I could feel her lips on my cheek and ear.  Eventually I had enough of the teasing and I leaned forward to kiss her.  Shockingly, she stopped me!  “I don’t kiss guys in bars,” she said.  I apologized, said I wouldn’t want to embarrass her in front of her friends, and told her I could go back over to my friend.  Instantly she grabbed me by the shirt, pulled me towards her for a kiss.  Very nice!  I told her that she shouldn’t break her “rules” and continued to give her a hard time.  Then she kissed me a second time.  This one I saw it coming so I softened my lips and made sure it was a little more memorable.  On the third kiss she did the same.  I asked for her number and texted her so she had my number as well.  I told her that I was leaving and she kissed me one last time.  She decided to up the ante on this one… I can still feel the spot on my lower lip where her teeth pressed!

And this is why for the last seven and a half years I’ve been unable to stay out of a dating/relationship situation for longer than two weeks.  Even when I don’t shave, shower, or make any attempt to talk to any girls at a bar, I still end up in these situations.  I think over the years of learning how to pick up dates at bars there must be something etched in the essence of my being now that screams to cute girls, “Please talk to this guy.  Don’t allow him to just sit there.  If he’s not making a move you just need to be more aggressive.”  And so the addiction continues…


3 thoughts on “Another Typical Night For Dax…

  1. I wish I only had that kind of luck/skill/whatever. Hey, it’s likely to help you eventually find that one relationship you *do* want to have last.

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