A Plan In Place

lightbulbThis is a follow-up post to Five Years in Two Hours, where I reunited with Heather, a significant girlfriend from my past.  After having not talked in five years, I learned we were both single and decided to get back in touch.  E-mails turned into a request from her to meet up for lunch halfway between our cities and we did that last weekend, where in two hours we attempted to get caught up in all of the significant events in our lives since we last saw each other.  As we left she said she would like to meet again sometime and I told her that I would be in her area in two weeks and would make the time to see her.

Now I have to be honest… actually I really do because I’m a terrible liar!  I was able to tell Heather this truth of my visit to her area because it did indeed exist.  However, there was some pre-planning involved so I could tell that truth.  Every year in December I have a holiday party involving fancy cocktails.  For the past couple years one of my favorite cousins and her husband (newlyweds) have mentioned that they would love to attend, but can never make it.  A month ago (before getting in touch with Heather) I told them I would visit them some weekend and make a couple of their favorite cocktails from my party.  Now this visit would’ve happened at some point in the next few months, but getting back in touch with Heather certainly expedited the process.  After making lunch plans with Heather for last weekend, I wanted to set up the opportunity for a follow-up date in case everything went well.  So, the week leading up to the lunch date I sent a message to the newlyweds and asked if they had a weekend free in a couple weeks.  They responded back that they would free and I told them I would be in touch with the details later.  So, going back to what I said earlier- when she said she wanted to meet again, I was able to set things up in a pretty low-key way.  Success!

This past week, however, it has been a struggle to keep the emotions in control. Just one day after my lunch with Heather, I had the urge to call and chat.  I wanted to get caught up more and desired to hear her voice again.  I forced myself to tone it down though. It wouldn’t be natural for me to start talking to her every day or two after having just got back in touch after so many years of not seeing her.  Still, by Tuesday I could only promise I would wait one more night.  Then I got a little help on my patience, but not the way I was hoping… I got the flu!  I was so wiped out Wednesday that the thought of talking to anyone was out of the question.  Thursday night I was feeling better and I planned to call her, but first I decided to contact my cousin who I was staying with for the weekend first.  I didn’t want to make plans with Heather and then have to change them because of a conflict I was unaware of.  I waited for a response, but didn’t hear back until late in the night, so my conversation with Heather would have to wait again.  The good news was I found out that my cousin and her husband were free all weekend and could hang out for any part of the weekend I was able to.  I had to confess that I was also planning on meeting a girl I was interested in while I was visiting, but didn’t give many details.  Based on the frequency of my normal dating turnover, I’ve found it’s best not to disclose information to family members unless necessary! They were glad to hear about I had someone in the picture and told me Heather would be welcome to join us for any part of the weekend.  With everything set, I was finally ready to contact Heather.

Friday I was feeling well enough that I returned to work.  The flu hits me hard, but is usually out of my system pretty quickly.  When I got home that night, I texted Heather that I hoped she had a good week and to call me when she had time to set up plans for next weekend.  She texted back right away that she would do that and asked if I was feeling better.  (By the way, we are Facebook friends as of a week ago, so I’m sure she saw my status from earlier in the week.)  I told her I was much better and she responded that she was glad to hear it.  I expected to hear back later that night, but never did.  Fortunately I was busy catching up on other things so I didn’t have too much time to stress about it.  By mid-day on Saturday that changed.  I was flying out for a five-day vacation that afternoon and I knew my opportunities to talk and make plans was going to go way down.  Feeling the pinch I decided to call her.  When she didn’t answer, it took all of my power to deliver a confident sounding message where I basically said it would be nice to make plans before I leave on my trip.  I stressed even more as I waited to hear back, but finally (after 30 minutes) she texted me that she was visiting family and would call me shortly.  Huge relief!  Why was I getting so crazy?  When she called, we only talked for 20 minutes, but it was nice to hear her voice and she seemed excited to talk.  Eventually, as confidently as possible, I told her that I would like to have dinner with her Friday night.  She accepted!  We talked for a few more minutes and then we both had to go.

As I left for my trip I was just as excited to get back and see Heather as I was to be going on vacation.  I’ll be distracted out here for the next few days, so hopefully that will keep me from trying to check in with her too much this week.  So in four more days I’ll drive over a 150 miles for our dinner date.  I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “A Plan In Place

  1. Put down the cell!! Do I need to remind you of my texting rules?
    I’m glad it seems to be working out! Can’t wait to hear about dinner 🙂

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