Apology Note…


To the girl at the bar last night:
Yes, I did notice you.  I noticed the first glance you made at me, as well as the second.  You certainly put out the signal clearly and correctly, and you most definitely were attractive enough that any guy who is single should have come over to chat.  However, I have an important lunch date with an old flame tomorrow and I cannot risk complicating the situation.  I realize that a conversation is innocent, but I have developed too many bad habits over the years for me to simply talk to someone like you and walk away without pursuing something further.  In fact, it took all of my will power to not walk over there, so if you were the tiniest bit charming or sweet, there would have been no turning back.  I also caught that final glance you gave me as you turned back before you walked out the door later in the night.  It was almost as if you were saying, “You missed out.”  Perhaps you were right, but I’ve waited over five years now to meet up with Heather when I was single and emotionally available.  I’m about a day away from that now, and I have to stay in this mind-set until then.  After all this time, I owe that to myself.

Regardless, I hope you had a good evening.  Don’t change your technique.  It’s a very effective one regardless of my inability to prove it so.

Take care,


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