An Old Flame Burns Bright

This is a follow-up post to Something Old or Something New where I talked about my recent decision to get back in touch with a significant ex-girlfriend from my past (“Heather”), who I recently learned was single.  Shortly after I posted, I sent Heather an email after having not talked to her in five years.  Basically I opened by joking that I was overdue for my five year check-in and proceeded to tell her what I’ve been doing with my career, as well as tell her about my most recent travel adventure (which was a significant world trip).  Since she has a very similar career to mine, I asked her how that was going and told her to respond back when she had the time.

I wasn’t sure if or when Heather would reply, but she actually responded later that day.  Her email was just as short as mine, and also upbeat.  She told me that her job was going well and gave me some details on that.  Apparently she had started coaching too, which is one of my favorite interests!  She was very excited to hear about my trip, as I had never traveled internationally before we lost touch, and asked to hear more.  I wrote back the next day and asked Heather more details about her coaching and filled her in to the first part of my adventures.  As my email started getting long, I cut myself off, giving her some excuse of why I couldn’t write more at the time.  She responded back later that day and suggested that we meet between our cities for drinks or dinner sometime.  Now my heart really started to race with emotions!  After all these years, were the planets finally going to align?!?  Has she been thinking about me as much these past five years as I’ve thought about her?  But then nervously I start to wonder if this is just going to lead to one or both of us having our hearts crushed… again.  I don’t think I could handle that!

As I’ve said before, I always wondered if Heather and I were two good people who were just really bad for each other, or if we were a great couple waiting to happen if the timing was ever right.  So regardless of my mixed emotions, I agreed to meet… because I’m an optimist.  After all, this is the reason I got back in touch with her in the first place and I can’t back out now!  So this Sunday we will both be driving over an hour to have lunch in a town about half way between our places.  With my extensive dating history I’m usually right at home with a lunch date and am not nervous at all.  However, at every free moment I have this week, I imagine all of the best and worst case scenarios of both this Sunday, as well as the possible future.  This is situation so unique that even I can’t really figure out how to best prepare myself.  Add to it that it comes after five years of build-up!  Then I remind myself, it’s just lunch… right?

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “An Old Flame Burns Bright

  1. Wooohooo! Here’s one for timing! I am so excited about Sunday! I cannot wait to read about it! Sending you all the positive vibes I can 🙂

  2. I love a good love story and do believe that timing is everything. Maybe 5 years ago the stars were mis-aligned and that’s why it didn’t work out and maybe now is your time.

    I would just give you this little piece of advice: Go enjoy reconnecting with an old friend without any expectations. Enjoy each other’s company and let whatever is going to unfold, unfold naturally and take it from there.

    Have fun and keep us posted!

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