First Step

They say the 1st step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so that’s why I’m here.  Currently, I have about a decade and a half of experience in adult dating with no clear end in sight.  In this time I have accumulated countless stories and insights on the subject dating.  Some stories are humorous, while others are heart-breaking, but they are ALL 100% honest (except for names, which have been changed to help protect the identities of everyone involved).  My hope is that readers will find the stories insightful and that putting my thoughts into words will help me in breaking the cycle of my addiction.

My posts can be broken down into these categories:
1. Date-isms (theories from years of dating experience from someone who paid attention)
2. EX-Factor (significant relationships of the past)
3. Recent Happenings (the most recent progressions and transgressions)
4. Reflections (my innermost thoughts in current time)

Hope you find the posts insightful.  Thank you for your support!


19 thoughts on “First Step

  1. First of all thanks for liking my post and commenting on it (one about me hooking up with an elementary school teacher).

    Also, how much experience do you have with PUAs and other things like that?

  2. I made it my goal this month to discover a new blog/blogger friend every day. While searching for “dating advice” I found Dream Body, which led me to you. So, as it’s my life and my rules, I get to choose two new blogs today. I just started reading a bit about you and I am overjoyed to read your dating stories. It’s nice to hear a man’s perspective! My girlfriends and I discuss our humorous and heart-breaking stories, but I have yet to find a guy who is so forthcoming! Looking forward to being a loyal follower!

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog and I want to ask you a question, what are your thoughts on Long Distance Relationships. If you’ve posted about it, I must have missed it. I don’t know if you have experience in LDRs but it would be nice to hear your thoughts on that type of a relationship.

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